Frequently Asked Questions 

  • I need a rapid PCR COVID-19 test, are you sure this is not an antibody or antigen test?
    • Answer:  Yes!  This is a rapid RNA test.  We are authorized to perform this test in our on-site laboratory, which detects the nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2.  The testing process shall break open any COVID19 virus found in the sample, exposing its genetic material, the viral RNA.  This test is also referred to as a molecular COVID19 test.  Results are ready in about 15 minutes.
  • How long does the test take once I provide my sample/specimen?
    • About 13 minutes, once your specimen is processed in our on-site laboratory.
  • Can I take a COVID19 testing while I attend the Food Handler Certification class?
    • Yes, let us know you would like both a COVID19 test and Food Handler Certification when you arrive.  TIP:  Enter that information when you register so you can complete the intake form via your device/computer before you arrive
  • I pre-registered and completed my intake form for the Food Handler Certification class, does that guarantee me a seat?
    • No, it does not.  Please arrive on time.  We will have to give your seat away five minutes after the class begins due to wait-listed guests and too much content being covered, following the “Five Minute Rule”.
  • I will be late to class, what should I do?
    • If you arrive more than five minutes or later into the class, even if we have space, we will not be able to accommodate you, as we will have covered too much material by then, but will reschedule you for the following Friday.  Be sure to arrive early to complete any registration forms.  Regardless of registration, make sure you arrive on time.
  • Can I just attend the Food Handler and not the 10 minute Narcan Kit class?
    • These two certifications are offered together and in conjunction with the New Mexico Department of Health.  You can take just the Narcan class, but we do not offer the Food Handler class by itself.
  • Where is the Food Handler Certification valid and for how long?
    • The certification is for either New Mexico or Arizona and valid for three years, but does not cover IHS or Navajo Nation.  If you need IHS or Navajo Nation food handler certification, please consult their website as their programs may also be free!
  • Can I use your computers, internet and printing services for the IHS food handler program?
    • You sure may; however, please note, we do not manage the IHS certification, and with any assistance on the training, please contact IHS.   We cannot assist with the training, but you can use our computers, printers and internet to self-certify!
  • I lost the paper given to me at the time of testing.  How do I get my results?
    • Answer:  Click here.  If you received a rapid test, please call us or log on to your patient portal to retrieve your results.
  • The results show on my phone or on the NM Dept. of Health website.  How can I get a copy of this to hand to my employer, physician or other third party?
    • Answer:  Screen shot your phone or print out the results on your computer.
  • The web site is still not showing my results, and I never got a text message either.  What can I do?
    • Answer:  As one of the options listed on the paperwork handed out during testing (that is the one with the lab specimen label on it with your information), call the NM Dept of Health staff anytime between 8am and 8pm, at (505) 726-9642, Option 3.  Once you hear the second greeting, you’ll select “1” for the option of “member of the general public, who after more than three days, is having trouble receiving results”.
  • I would like to get a list of all of my test results and forward to a third party.  How do I do that?
    • Answer:  Click here, log in and print out your results.
  • I have no access or signal to get results via text or through the web, how do I get my results?
    • Answer:  Call the NM Dept of Health staff anytime between 8am and 8pm, at (505) 726-9642, Option 3.  Once you hear the second greeting, you’ll select “1” for the option of “member of the general public, who after more than three days, is having trouble receiving results”.
  • I would like the quickest possible experience getting a COVID-19 test.  I already have the information I need on how to prevent transmission, how to protect our elders and those more vulnerable to infection, etc., I just want to get swabbed and head out the door.  How do I do that?
    • Answer:  Use your mobile device to register for testing.  Complete your forms electronically before you arrive.  Utilize the “express testing” option when you enter the facility, which opts for less consultation from one of our certified test counselors about infectious disease.  Click here to register online, select any available time slot, drop in anytime that we are open.  We look forward to seeing you!



Frequently Asked Questions (normal operations)

What does the Free Food Handler Training & Certification have to do with Naloxone Administration Certification?  

    • Properly trained food handlers can improve food safety and reduce risks and behaviors commonly associated with food-borne illness and outbreaks.
    • Many of our clients working in the hospitality industry (i.e., restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.) have expressed their desire to do their part in combating the opioid epidemic.  By recognizing the signs of a potential overdose and/or having the life-saving naloxone on hand, those completing our pairing of Food Handlers and Naloxone Administration classes are better prepared.

When or what time do the Free Food Handler Training & Certification classes with Naloxone Administration Certification start and how often are the offered?  

    • Classes are offered at 10am and 2pm on Saturdays.
    • Spaces are limited to 10 participants, so arrive a bit early to get a seat!
    • We do not have reserved seating, but we do offer the class twice a day on Saturdays.
    • Pre-registration is available online; however, this does not reserve seating.

What information do you need from me for a STI / HIV Screening?  

    • Testing is anonymous and/or confidential.  You decide what means of contact we should reach you at should we need to follow up on your visit.  This can be an email address, cell phone, etc.
    • We will need a valid email address if you wish to participate in our $10 Subway Gift Card program.


What can I get screened for during my visit?

    • We offer a number of testing and screening services at our facility.
    • Remember:  If you are experiencing symptoms and/or you need to be treated for a sexually-transmitted infection, you must seek treatment at one of the nearby clinical facilities and/or urgent care centers.
    • If you arrive on site seeking treatment, our staff will furnish a list of nearby facilities where you may seek treatment.


If you are not having symptoms, we offer the following screenings, tests, and services to our visitors:

    • HIV Testing -Rapid
    • HIV Testing -RNA (conventional)
    • Syphilis Testing -Rapid*
    • Syphilis Testing -Conventional
    • Gonorrhea Testing
    • Chlamydia Testing
    • Non-Specific Urethritis Testing
    • Hepatitis C Testing -Rapid
    • Hepatitis C Testing -Conventional
    • Syringe Services

*Rapid Syphilis Testing is not available for those individuals who have a prior Syphilis history.


How do I know the results of my tests? 

    • No news is good news from us.  If you do not hear from us within two weeks of your visit, that means we did not find anything positive or reactive with your tests.
    •  If you took a “rapid” test (i.e., for HIV or Syphilis), those results are typically available within twenty minutes.
    • If we do need to speak with you concerning your tests, we never leave any personal information on a voicemail or an unidentified source, so we will need to speak with you live.
    • When you registered for the screening, we will reference the contact information you leave us.
    • You decide what means of contact we should reach you at should we need to follow up on your visit.  This can be an email address, cell phone, etc.
    • For further information on obtaining results, please contact us at (505) 726-9642 Option 4.


How often should I get tested? 

    • Depending on a number of factors, the frequency of how often one should be screened can be found by clicking here.
    • Grindr users can now set a reminder within the app to for routine screening.


How can I contact Gallup Health Cooperative?

    • You may reach us at any of the following methods below.   Please note that we do give out information regarding your medical records over the phone if you call us, so you will not be able to call in and get your results.
    • If we call you or you receive a telephone call from us, please let us know you are calling us back when you return the call.
      • Walk-In:  600 E Coal Ave, Gallup, NM  87301
      • Telephone:  (505) 726-9642
      • Fax:   (505) 726-9642 – start transmission at any time
      • Email:  info@gallupcooperative.org


Private waiting area during screenings.